Conversion rate optimization.

Conversion rate optimization.

Your website is running well, orders are coming in and your campaigns are increasing traffic to your website significantly. What if you could increase the conversion rate of your website? If a larger share of your visitors makes a purchase you will spend your media budgets more effectively and increase your revenue.

Analyzing the e-commerce funnel

Conversion optimization is an interesting process that we really enjoy at Wrkt. First we dissect every step of your e-commerce funnel to identify bottlenecks. We analyze the conversion rate throughout the order process and investigate potential improvements. Tools like Google Analytics play an important role when we analyze your website data, but we also take close look at the experience of individual users on your website.



A/B-tests enable you to measure the effect of the proposed improvements to your website. A lot of these tests can be done without a developer which saves a lot of time and money. This allows you to create an overview of the most lucrative optimizations before you brief your developers.

And the best part? You will will only have to implement these optimizations once and reap the benefits . You will see that even small adjustments  will add up over time!

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