Feather Women

Successful twin entrepreneurs launch new ecommerce brand

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  • Increase brand awareness & online revenue using Instagram & Facebook Advertising
  • Verhogen van ROAS


  • Develop a paid advertising strategy
  • Measure the entire ecommerce funnel
  • Cross-channel campaigns on META and Google Ads
  • Ongoing testing of content, campaign objectives, and target audiences
  • Advise on advertisement content development based on results
  • Test different retargeting strategies
  • Lead generation
  • Data analysis
  • Support for Klaviyo strategy
  • Real-time dashboard insights


  • Increased Meta Ads ROAS to 7+  within 5 months
  • Revenue growth: over 90% within 5 months
  • Insight into best-performing target audiences
  • Insight into best-performing advertisement content

From 2016 to 2021, Wrkt Digital and Vedder & Vedder worked together to transform the startup into one of the fastest-growing and most well-known jewelry brands in the Netherlands.

Now, Anne & Esther Vedder have once again turned to Wrkt Digital to develop and implement an online advertising strategy for their new brand, Feather Women, aiming for similar success.

During Esther's pregnancy, the sisters were searching for self-care products and communities for expectant mothers. They discovered a gap in the market, realizing that most pregnancy products were outdated and impersonal. This led to the creation of Feather Women.

The sisters' dream (now both proud mothers) is to create a brand that meets the needs and desires of modern mothers. A brand that offers high-quality products while also connecting, inspiring, and empowering (expectant) mothers and women.

It's no wonder Anne and Esther are on the Forbes 40 under 40 list of 2023. Feather Women is already off to a great start with promising initial results. Since its launch in January this year, Feather Women has been growing rapidly and exceeding all expectations.

We look forward to working with the Feather Women team to make this brand as successful as Vedder & Vedder.

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