Heel the world

New Dutch luxury shoe brand set to conquer the world


The Goals

  • Set up brand for ecommerce success
  • Increase online revenue
  • Increase brand awareness

The Approach

  • Set up all relevant tools for tracking and advertising
  • Launch social media ad campaigns
  • Test different audiences
  • Analyze results in webshop & optimize for conversions

The Results

  • Coming soon...

This new Dutch luxury shoe brand is ready to conquer the world. After extensive product development Feraggio managed to create the perfect pumps. These shoes not only look good but are very comfortable too. With the help of Feraggio, all women can finally wear their heels all day long without inconvenience.

Feraggio plans to "Heel the world" and we are glad to assist them with our expertise in online marketing, social advertising and conversion optimization.

An increase in brand awareness among Dutch woman and sales were the main objectives for Feraggio. We started with ads on Instagram and Facebook to showcase the premium collection of Feraggio.

The first results are very promising:

  • With a limited budget we were able to reach 500k women within a their target audience.
  • Significant increase in website traffic
  • Q4 of 2019 was by far their best quarter in terms of online revenue

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