Koi Atelier

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  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase website traffic and video views
  • Increase conversion rate to purchases


  • Conduct audience research using existing data
  • Develop a Meta advertising strategy
  • Optimize the media budget at the channel and campaign level based on KPIs
  • Measure results/KPIs across different channels for effective budget allocation
  • Test campaigns, target audiences, content, and objectives


  • Reach: more than 100K people within the target audience
  • Real-time insights via dashboard
  • Insights into best-performing content and target audiences

Koi Atelier creates sustainable jewelry that tells personal stories.

Koi Atelier, an Amsterdam-based jewelry brand founded by Roxy Lunn in 2015, started as a personal project and has grown into a brand with its own atelier in the heart of Amsterdam. Their mission is to transform personal stories into beautiful jewelry, resulting in handmade creations that are personal, timeless, and sustainable.

The brand strives to make high-quality jewelry accessible, so you never have to choose between refinement and sustainability. Koi Atelier stands out for its commitment to sustainability and creating a deep connection through handmade jewelry.

Why Koi Atelier Chose Wrkt Digital as Partner

Koi Atelier selected Wrkt Digital as their digital marketing partner to grow the brand rapidly and reach a wider audience. Since early 2024, we have been working together to increase website traffic and improve conversion rates. With our expertise in Meta Advertising, we support Koi Atelier in their grand mission.

Channels and tools

  • Meta Advertising (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

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