A La Collection

A La tells stories of people, products and cultures

A La Collection

The Goals

  • More online turnover

  • Increase brand awareness and traffic

The Approach

  • Instagram & Facebook Advertising

  • Finding the ideal target group

  • Experiment with ad content

  • Set up retargeting strategies

A La Collection is all about the journey that the two owners started in 2013 in India. They got inspired by the locals and wanted to share their many talents and craftsmanship. They create unique jewelry and interior pieces together with the local craftsman.

À La Collection has managed to create beautiful content regarding their collection of products. Social media advertising is ideal for brands telling a good story and that have beautiful content.

We started a campaign around a special sale. This enabled us to start off with a jump start that immediately generated a lot of extra turnover and new sides.

To be continued...

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Want to know more? We'd love to help you!

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