Amaya Amsterdam

The power of matching sets

Amaya - v3


  • Increase brand awareness and online revenue using Instagram & TikTok Advertising
  • Identify opportunities for e-commerce growth, for both the existing and the new brand
  • Launch subsidiary fashion brand with new audience


  • Create campaign strategy
  • Find optimal target audience
  • Instagram Advertising, TikTok Advertising 
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Gain insights in best performing ad content
  • Set up retargeting strategies
  • Continuous optimization based on gained insights


  • Substantial growth in online revenue for both brands
  • Increase in offline retail sales for Amaya Amsterdam
  • 1.3 million women reached within target audience

Amaya Amsterdam is a Dutch fashion brand that offers women limitless mix & match options. With a full set of matching top and bottom, customers have a perfectly matched outfit in one go, but these can also easily be matched with their own existing wardrobe.

Amaya Amsterdam clothing has gained a lot of attention in many fashion stores in the Netherlands and Belgium already, but they have big plans for their ecommerce store as well as for their online-only sublabel Studio Amaya.

For the launch of the new brand they need to find a new audience, since the brand has its own identity that is a bit bolder than the existing brand.

To pinpoint this audience we tested different interest target groups on social media platforms. In the meantime, we are building warm retargeting audiences that we can appeal to again and again throughout the year with the different seasonal collections and sales promotions. From our extensive audience tests we learned that although there's some overlap between the brands, the Studio Amaya audience is a bit younger overall. Important for targeting but also for ad copy and creatives.  

2021, the year Studio Amaya was launched showed a lot of promise and the following year the revenue was doubled.  While Amaya Amsterdam not only saw their online revenue grow, but also increased their retail sales with a substantial growth of points of sale. A nice example of online to offline crossover growth!

It seems 2023 will be another year with significant growth for both brands. The addition of TikTok as a new channel in the marketing mix will play a big part in this. Wrkt is also exploring the opportunities of Conversion Rate Optimization for the website for an even more efficient utilization of the marketing budget.

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