Everybody is unique, you are dstinctive


The Goals

  • Increase brand awareness & online revenue using Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest Advertising
  • Identify interesting events & audiences
  • Provide proof of concept

The Approach

  • Find the ideal audience
  • Gain insights in best performing ad content
  • Set up retargeting strategies
  • Social media ads
  • Google Search ads

Dstinctive is a new Dutch fashion brand. They want to introduce European men to personalized designer socks. By adding their name or initials they add a personal touch to socks, which are produced sustainably and with zero waste in Italy.

As a new brand with such a novel idea they are curious to find out if this concept has any potential. So one of the key elements of the strategy was finding the right audience. To find this audience we tested different interest target groups on social media platforms. In the meantime, while building warm retargeting audiences to target again and again throughout the year with different promotions. Once a customers buys dstinctive socks, chances are there will be repeat purchases.

Despite this being a product for men, women turned out to be a good target audience for this. It turns out these high quality socks were a popular gift to give a loved one, for Christmas for example. It seems that Father's Day might also be an interesting event for dstinctive.

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Want to know more? We'd love to help you!

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