Equals Academy

Free tech education programs for women

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  • Increase awareness of career opportunities for women who want to work in tech
  • Generate leads for the free tech education programs of Equals Academy
  • Achieve the best cost per lead as possible


  • Create digital campaign strategy
  • Find optimal target audience
  • Instagram Advertising, TikTok Advertising, LinkedIn ads
  • Gain insights in best performing ad content
  • Scale up and expand to other cities besides Amsterdam


  • Substantial growth in leads for Equals Academy
  • Over 1 million women reached within target audience
  • A lot of completed programs resulting in a professional certifications and careers in tech

Equals is committed to promoting greater equality and diversity in the workplace. Through their Equals Academy, they assist women in launching careers in the tech industry. They offer high-quality tech education programs designed specifically for women looking to reskill and advance their careers in this promising sector. Currently, women make up only 18% of the workforce in tech.

Since 2022, Wrkt has been supporting Equals with online campaigns for their events, memberships, and branding efforts. However, the primary focus is on lead generation campaigns for the Equals Academy. Through these campaigns, Equals aims to reach as many women in their target audience as possible to show them the opportunities available in tech. After successfully completing one of Equals Academy's many free training programs, women are guaranteed opportunities to work as tech professionals.

To achieve this, we've employed various strategies and channels. We've tested different forms of content and conducted A/B tests to identify the best-performing target audiences. We've incrementally improved landing pages to boost conversion rates. Additionally, we've utilized Meta Lead ads to collect leads directly through Instagram and Facebook. The results of all campaigns are accessible in real-time dashboards, ensuring that the client is always informed about whether targets are being met.

Channels & Tools

  • Google Ads
  • Meta Advertising 
  • TikTok ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Databox (dashboarding)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

Equals is a dynamic and ambitious organization that is constantly seeking growth and further development. This makes them an intriguing client for us. Additionally, we wholeheartedly support their mission to promote equality and diversity.

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Want to know more? We'd love to help you!

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