Mélanie Pigeaud

Sustainable jewellery brand from Amsterdam


The Goals

  • Increase brand awareness and online revenue using Instagram & Facebook Advertising
  • Find the best target audience
  • Optimize results within limited available budget

The Approach

  • Run tests to determine best audiences
  • Gain insights in best performing ad content
  • Social media advertising
  • Google Ads 
  • Set up retargeting strategies
  • Conversion optimization for webshop
  • Continuous optimization based on A/B tests

Mélanie Pigeaud mainly uses recycled gold and silver to create her sophisticated jewelry. With each collection, Mélanie tells a special story. Her jewelry is always sustainable, minimalist and handmade.

Many of her pieces are very exclusive, but there is also plenty to be found for more modest prices. Mélanie has been receiving clients in her studio on the Amsterdam canals for some time, but would like to expand her clientele online.

Want to know more?

Contact us, we'd love to help you!

Want to know more? We'd love to help you!

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