Pig & Hen

Amsterdam based fashion brand expands internationally

From the Netherlands to Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom


The Goals

  • Establish online shop next to offline retail as a revenue source
  • Research best channels for advertising
  • Find suitable countries for international expansion
  • Set up international ad campaigns

The Approach

  • Analyze ecommerce funnel for optimizations
  • Continuously test audiences in target countries
  • Set up ad campaigns, A/B test with content

The Results

  • 792% revenue growth over three years
  • Expansion from the Netherlands to Belgium, France, Germany and UK.
  • 50% of online revenue share in international markets

Pig&Hen is an Amsterdam based fashion brand. They use authentic ship rope to create bracelets for men. The Dutch maritime history is a big part of their inspiring brand story.

Established in 2013 they started out with a focus in offline retail. They created a webshop in 2014, but did not have an online marketing strategy to maximize online sales. Wrkt Digital Consultancy took Pig&Hen on as a client in Q4 in 2015. Over the following years we helped Pig&Hen grow their online revenue. As a result of our cooperation, their revenue almost tripled every single year. Also as a byproduct of their online growth they saw their offline retail sales increase in a similar fashion.

792% revenue growth. International expansion from the Netherlands to Belgium, Germany & France. 

Overall strategy

We utilized Pig&Hen's brand story and imagery to create compelling ads. We quickly found out Social Ads were quite successful. No surprise here, since platforms like Facebook and Instagram are especially suited for fashion brands or other brands with strong imagery. Several channels were utilized the remarketing strategy: Adwords Search, Dynamic Display, Emailmarketing, (abandoned shopping cart emails), Facebook & Instagram.

Conversion Optimization

Tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics helped us to analyse the performance of the webshop. Constantly monitoring user behaviour gained us valuable insights. Using the free tool Google Optimize we set up A/B tests to improve performance. For most improvements we used a one-step-at-a-time method, carefully testing and monitoring results before implementing changes on the website.

For some optimizations a more radical approach is needed, like the time when we helped Pig&Hen improve their entire checkout page in one go. After researching versions of checkout pages all over the web Wrkt Digital Consultancy created wire frame sketches for each step in the checkout process. We guided Pig&Hen's development agency while they implemented the new design. This new checkout process resulted in a 26% increase in overall conversion rate.

International expansion

Their online marketing efforts spearheaded their growth (online & offline) in Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. As a result of their European success, expansion to the United States and even Japan is planned, transforming Pig&Hen into a global brand. We are proud to have played a part in their story.

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