The Boyscouts

Promoting elegance in urban life


The Goals

  • Increase brand awareness and online revenue using Instagram & Facebook Advertising
  • Find the best target audience
  • Optimize results within limited available budget

The Approach

  • Create campaign strategy
  • Find optimal target audience
  • Social media advertising campaigns 
  • Gain insights in best performing ad content
  • Set up retargeting strategies
  • Conversion optimization for webshop
  • Continuous optimization based on A/B tests

This bold Rotterdam jewelry brand does things a little differently. They do not want to participate in the fleeting trends of the fashion world, but create products that stand the test of time. A piece of jewelry is a trophy that you should always be able to be proud of.

This refreshing look is accompanied by a unique style that is not for everyone. Finding the right target group is therefore extra important. After a first purchase at The Boyscouts, customers usually come back for more, which makes finding new customers extra important.

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Want to know more? We'd love to help you!

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