Vedder & Vedder

Personalized jewelry takes the Netherlands by storm

 Dutch twin sisters give jewelry a special meaning


The Goals

  • Leverage social engagement for ecommerce
  • Manage social ad campaigns with branded content
  • Increase online revenue significantly
  • Get maximum ROI with limited budget

The Approach

  • Set up tracking for entire ecommerce funnel
  • Set up all relevant ad platforms, including Facebook Pixel etc.
  • Create ad content strategy
  • Find most effective audiences
  • Set up multi layered retargeting strategies
  • Leverage cross channel advertising strategy: Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Display, Pinterest
  • Analyze & optimize ecommerce funnel: conversion optimization

The Results

  • 100% revenue growth, 4 years in a row
  • Vedder & Vedder has become a well known and beloved brand within target audience
  • Online is main revenue source
  • As of 2021 the first online sales in United Kingdom, Germany and France are a fact

Vedder&Vedder is an Amsterdam based jewelry brand, founded by twin sisters Anne & Esther Vedder. Their beautiful pieces can be personalized by engraving a fingerprint, initials or a personal message.

In the summer of 2016 Vedder&Vedder asked us to help with their online marketing efforts. By then they already gained quite some fans on social media, especially on Instagram. They did not have a plan to convert all this love for their brand into online revenue yet, so that's were we came in.

"At the beginning of each year they make a strategic plan and forecast for us. It always amazes us when we see how close their estimates were by the end of the year."

Overall strategy

We started to experiment with different kinds of audiences and content on Instagram and Facebook. Eventually we found out that both channels had a place in the online marketing strategy. For retargeting we used Adwords Search, Dynamic Display, Emailmarketing, (abandoned shopping cart emails), Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram.

With constant analysis and optimization we were able to drive relevant traffic to the webshop. This approach allowed us to keep up the good results when we increased budgets.

We also found out that Vedder&Vedder products are popular as gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas. The marketing strategy is centered around these events, with specialized campaigns for each event. This approach seems to be effective, with the online revenue growing even in between events because of the extra exposure.


After setting up A/B tests and analyzing the data available in Google Analytics and Hotjar we came up with several improvements for the website. We collaborated closely with the development agency and guided them while they implemented the improvements. Despite a considerable growth in traffic we were able to increase the overall conversion rate of the webshop.

"Wrkt really helped us grow over the past couple of years, from a passionate start up to a brand with international ambitions. Their online advertising campaigns were quite important for our development."

Future plans

Thanks to their domestic success in the Netherlands Vedder&Vedder is eyeing international markets. We are convinced the future holds big things for the Vedder twins and are thrilled to help them as their digital marketing partner.

"We also appreciate their insights regarding our best performing ads so we can improve our creatives. And they are always available to answer our questions when they come up. This helps us to keep things moving!"

- Anne & Esther Vedder, founders Vedder&Vedder

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